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We celebrate the release of Orchestra of Knives on Vinyl!!!🍾 They exist for real! Two limited editions: One Nordic and one European version. Both look incredible! Check out the vinyl coloration! Many of you have preordered these. Thanks a lot our loyal Manceros! You should receive these rarities any time now. Others...don't hesitate. You will regret later on! :-)

Orchestra on Vinyl!

It's taken forever, but Orchestra Of Knives on vinyl is finally coming in a few months now. Double 180g coloured vinyl! Gatefold sleeve and printed inner sleeves! And 9 bonus remixes!! 🙂
Two different versions will be released, both limited to 300x:
German version (three-colour split):
Nordic version (two-colour half-n-half): /
Preorders are live NOW! 🙂

ZMR 2022 -Zero shows

Dear everyone.

Heartbreaking to let you know:

So, the Corona decided to deliver one more blow, just as the world was opening up again.
Many of you will know that we were severely hit by covid-illness a few months back, so severe in fact that we had to push several gigs back home in Norway from December and far into 2022. We have been looking so much forward to getting back on stage again and had the first gigs lined up at the end of May. As it turns out, this is still too soon. After careful review and advice from health professionals, Zeromancer and Seigmen are forced to cancel all live-activities this year. We are all gutted and really hoped we would be out of the woods sooner. In the end, it's still an easy decision. Health must come first and the band must fire on all cylinders before hitting the road.
We don´t know when we will be back, but promise to inform you as soon as we have news. Until then, take care and be strong! ❤️

Regarding the Markthalle-show, you will get more info very soon.
This show looks like it’s not gonna be moved once again. More likely to get cancelled.


Midnight, dear Mancerheads! Release-night:-) Please listen in and download our new album "Orchestra of knives"! We are so damned proud of this. Our testimonial. Bless you all!

"Orchestra of knives" out on Friday Sept 24th!

Time to announce the release and pre-orders of the forthcoming Zeromancer album, "Orchestra of knives».
Date for CD and digital release is Friday Sept. 24th. on Trisol Music Group.

We are immensely proud to finally raise our glasses of having done the job. Out of our hands now. All sent to print. In a few months it will be yours. This piece belong in the hands of Industrypeople and true Manceros.

Pre-order it! Many of you will ask for vinyl...You know what we treasure. Can't tell you more...Loyalty to the end!

New cool photo by: Tom Lund!

Enjoy summer:-)

Download and stream:


New single "Terminal Love" incl remixes by L'Ă‚me Immortelle, Architect and SnifferGod.
On all digital formats
Trisol Music Group

Terminal love out on Friday, June 25th.


We are so damn proud today!!!

Announcing the third single of the forthcoming album, «Orchestra of knives».

«Terminal love» is another special one. Honestly we have worked so hard, over a very long period of time to nail this one.

Now, sitting here with the final result, we feel blessed making music in these difficult times. The third EP contains three amazing remixes by L’âme Immortelle, Artcitect and SnifferGod.

Friday 25th of June is the date.

Thank you everyone!

Death on Vinyl!

Massive Zeromancer news! We are super proud and excited to finally open the pre-orders for the classic Zeromancer album “The Death of Romance” – for the first time ever on vinyl! The album has been remastered by Chris Samson (who originally mixed the album in 2010), and it is pressed on 180g transparent vinyl with “Pearl Necklace” splatter. We have also made a super limited version with a signed band photo. Hand-numbered in 100 copies, and only available from our webstores / Release date: August 13th On the same date, we’re releasing a limited 7” single from Dan Heide, who was a member in Zeromancer until a couple of years ago. “Sometimes” and “In God’s Country” are his first released songs as a solo artist, with more to come. Limited to 250 copies only. Fans can also note that we’ve started work on a deluxe reissue of Zeromancer’s 3rd album Zzyzx, which we hope to release next year. We’re also working on getting their first three albums available for streaming and download in all territories where they’re not available at this time. More info about this will follow later this Summer.

Mourners out now!

Mourners EP out now. Support you band! Cheers everyone!

Mourners EP this Friday!

So excited about Friday! The release of the second single from the forthcoming album, «Orchestra of knives».
«Mourners» will be released by Trisol Music Group, as a digital EP with remixes by Rotersand, Sebastian Komor and Electro Spectre.
Sounds extraordinary!!!

Mourners out on April 30th!


The release of "Mourners" is postponed by a week.
Friday April 30th on Trisol Music Group.
Available on all digital platforms.

Sometimes you feel that rousing excitement inside.
All five of us share that thrill right now. It's been like that since we’ve had the mix of "Mourners" ready. And not to mention three incredible remixes from dear friends. You will soon understand.
This EP means the world to us.
Hold on just a few more days...

Mourners will be the next EP

Dear everyone!
Time to reveal the title and the releasedate for the next single.
Mark this date: Friday, April 23rd!
The song is called, Mourners.
We’ll be honest here. This is a special one, meaning a lot to us. Can’t wait to let you hear it!
Like with Damned le Monde, we have invited special artists for exclusive remixes.
Making it an EP, released through Trisol.
Another ancient family-slide as artwork.
Get ready all Mancerheads!

Damned Le Monde - new single! Out this Friday

Zeromancer and Trisol Records are so proud to present the first single from the forthcoming album, "Orchestra of knives". The single, "Damned le Monde" is out this Friday on Feb 19. Available on all digital platforms.

Coronatime - new date for Clone show!

Liebe Zeromancer Fans!

Leider müssen wir ein weiteres Mal die „20 Years Clone Your Lover“ Show verschieben.

Aufgrund der behördlichen Auflagen bis zum 31. Oktober 2020 keine regulären Shows stattfinden zu lassen und der Tatsache, dass wir es nicht riskieren wollen einen weiteren Termin in 2020 verschieben zu müssen, sehen wir keine andere Möglichkeit als die Show in 2021 zu verlegen.

Aller guten Dinge sind drei, so hoffen wir und starten einen neuen Versuch diese Show am 10. April 2021 in der Hamburger Markthalle zu veranstalten.

Alle Tickets behalten ihre GĂĽltigkeit.

Danke für euer Verständnis und bleibt gesund!

Dear Manceros!

Unfortunately, we are forced to move the „20 Years Clone Your Lover“ show once again.

Due to health regulations & restrictions by the authorities, no regular shows can take place in Germany until the end of October 2020. Since we don’t want to risk another postponing this year, we don’t see any other solution than moving the show to next year.

3rd time lucky we hope and start a new attempt to host this event on April 10th, 2021 at the Markthalle in Hamburg.

All tickets will remain valid.

Thank you very much for your understanding and stay safe!

Moving the Clone your lover show to October!

Dear Manceros!
Unfortunately I have to reach out to you guys personally today with bad news!
It’s with a very heavy heart Zeromancer has to cancel the „Clone Your Lover 20 Years“ show on March 14th in Hamburg, Germany.
We have to move the concert-date to October 23rd, 2020. The show will still be performed at the same venue, Markthalle Hamburg.
All tickets will remain valid, or can be returned to the point of sales if you can’t make it.
The reason why:
As many of you know I’ve had some medical issues for many years, but it never stopped me from performing. Playing live and sharing all those fantastic moments with you Manceros are like painkillers to me! I’ve always found the energy to tour no matter what.
After my recent surgery I need more time to recover. The doctors have told me I am not ready! They’ve forbidden me to play any shows during the first half of 2020.
I have no other choice than to take their advice real serious.
This means for the first time in my career, I need to postpone a show due to medical reasons.
It breaks my heart because I know many of you already booked flights and hotels to attend this special occasion.
I am deeply sorry, but I hope you all understand.
Once again, I am deeply sorry for this situation, but it is simply beyond my control. I hope we will still each other on the new date.
I will promise you we’ll perform a kick ass show in fashionable Zeromancer style!
Loyalty to the end!
All our love!
Alex & Zeromancer

The Death of Romance on Vinyl!

"This just in! We're proud to announce that we will release the classic Zeromancer album "The Death of Romance" on vinyl early next year!
On Apollon Records. Licensed from Trisol.

The band plays a rare Oslo concert at Youngs Oslo this Saturday - Not to be missed!"
ZMR on stage: 20:30!


Clone your lover Anniversary show 2020

Breaking news!
In the year of 2020.
Clone your lover has it's 20 years anniversary. Zeromancer
Celebrating this by performing the album.
Also playing a selection of new songs and classics.
This exclusive event takes places at the Martkthalle in Hamburg on Saturday March 14.
Get your tickets, Mancerheads!

ZMR at Amphi Festival 2020

Yes! it's correct. ZMR confirmed for next year's Amphi Festival. Very happy to announce! Good old Tanzbrunnen in Cologne. By the beach. On Sunday, July 26.
See you there!

ZMR at Youngs Nov 16.

Zeromancer are announcing an exclusive show at the newly opened venue, Youngs Oslo in Norway on Saturday Nov 16.
Fan pre-sale at 10.00 this morning.
Official sale stars tomorrow.

New dates! New guitar god!

Happy to announce Zeromancer will headline Pluswelt festival in Oberhausen on Nov 1st and Berlin on Nov 2nd.

We had an amazing show on M'era Luna this August. Per Olav Wiik nailed it on guitar.
Felt like we have been bandmates forever. This is ZMR!

Live Tonight Sold out...hey wait...

We just released a few extra tickets for the sold out show at Parkteatret tonight.
"We see us!"

Sold out

All set for Neu-Ăślm and Deutzen this weekend. Last rehearsal tonight. Parkteatret in Oslo next Friday is announced sold out. Dan is checking out. Will be a passionate one. Might be a few tickets at the door. Let you know. See you all soon! Loyalty to the end!

Dan leaving - A black celebration at Parkteatret on Sept 14.

Hi everyone.
What follows is an official message from Dan Heide. Guitargenius of ZMR since 2003.

He will of course go out in fashion. ZMR is playing three shows in September, whereas Parkteatret in Oslo will be his final. We will do nothing but celebrate that. A very special night. A black celebration of course!

Dear all!
I am leaving the band. But I am not leaving the boys.
When I first started out in ZMR 15 years ago, it was a dream come true. I was 21 at the time and I felt ready to capture the world.
Why leave one of the best bands on the planet you might say? Well, I have asked myself that question over and over again.

In the last period of time I felt strongly the need to do a little change in life, in order to give myself som space. For myself, for my family and for my creativity. I will not stop with writing music and playing guitar. I just needed to do some priorities. And if you want something to sound as good as ZMR does at it’s best you gotta give 100%. And I can’t give that right now.

My decision is not due to any disagreement or anything like that. I love the boys, and the boys love me.
So, a big big thanks to all our faithful fans here and there!!! From time to time we see people travelling from different countries, and sometimes different parts of the world to witness our show. It really means a lot!

So again, to each and everyone of you: Thank you so much!!!

ZMR is a big a part of me, and I think it will stay that way.

-The Times they Are a-Changing-


ZMR show in Norway September 14.

Zeromancer has long wanted to play at the iconic, Parkteatret in Oslo. On September 14th 2018, it’s finally happening. ZMR returns with an exclusive concert in their home country. Get your tickets!

New material is in the making. The single, ”Damned le Monde” will be released before the summer. Newalbum is awaited next year.

ZMR and Seigmen @ WGT!

Zeromancer will return to Agra in Leipzig during the mighty Wave Gotik Treffen this year. The definite date is still to be defined. However the festival is held between May 18 -21.
It sure is a once in a lifetime event since Seigmen will appear at the same festival. Two skulls. One soul.
Get your tickets!


Proud to announce upcoming shows for 2018. So far: 27.04 Plage Noir festival at Weissenhäuser Strand (DE)
08.09 Volle Kraft Voraus festival in Neu-Ulm (DE) ZYA!

NCN Festival 2016

Zeromancer is very happy to announce we will be back in Germany! We will play the NCN Festival - 03.09.2016
City: Deutzen / Germany
Venue: Kulturpark Deutzen

Total-off the hook!

Total was off the hook. What a great way to say goodbye. Thank you everyone for making this so special. And so warm. Lorry's brother surprised everyone by proposing from stage. Crazy. Big bro in tears. Invited Per Olav from Untime on stage for Photographic encore. All hands in the air. Insane. Best funeral ever!

Alt-Fest cancelled

So sorry about this. This immense alternative festival in Kettering, UK has been cancelled just two weeks prior to the event. We know for a fact that even Norwegian fans have bought tickets for this. It breaks our heart. It's a real tragedy. Read more about why from the promoters on the Alt-Fest offical site.


AMPHI...what a delightful success. Such a blast seeing so many people coming up every time we do a festival show in Germany. Insane!
Now, Total is next. A shame closing down a spectacular place like that. However, we have to finish up what we started off. It's gonna be an unforgettable Saturday evening. Hope to see you guys. Up close!


Wanna thank you all for coming to see ZMR at these Best-of-shows in Germany. Many of you showed up on several occasions. It's been an overwhelming and fantastic experience.
Deeply appreciate the dedication. We we gave it all. You did too. A bond so beautiful. Now we all have to wait for next summer. Stay underground!

Das Bett, Pulp, Anker!!!

Three shows down...and what an amazing run we've had so far!
Frankfurt, Duisburg and Leipzig. Last night at the Anker in Leipzig was a classic. Can't even begin to tell you how grateful we are for having such devoted fans. Back in Norway now looking forward to the last ones in Hanover and Berlin. The best-of-sets have been a blast. Almost a shame it's just these five exclusive German gigs.
Sending a big hello to our tourbuds, Dreadful Shadows and Army of the Universe and our beloved crew. See you soon everyone!

Welcome to the underground!

Last rehearsal tonight! Best-of shows starting on Wednesday in Frankfurt. Get your tickets!

Miss you guys. See you soon!

ZMR at Støperiet!

Finally we can announce that Zeromancer will play at Støperiet in Tønsberg during the Slottsfjellfestival. It will take place on Friday July 19!
Showtime around midnight! Get your tickets Manceros. Let's share another special one!
Tickets available


Good news everyone!
Two sets of dark weekends coming up this fall.
We are proud to announce 4 exclusive co-headlining shows together with our friends, Dreadful shadows.





tickets are available at:
@ the neuwerk shop:


Hulen in Bergen and Folken in Stavanger coming up. The last two shows on the "Tortured Artist Tour" Two great venues in the ZMR history. What a finale it will be. So looking forward to this weekend. Extra rehearsal tonight. It looks like it might be the very last time we come visiting Bergen and Stavanger with ZMR. Let's gather up people. Let's make this a weekend to remember!


Tønsberg and Total tomorrow. Been there this evening preparing. It's gonna be a good one. Few tickets if you are still debating going or not.... Take action now. Get your tix asap!


Opened at Szene in Vienna last night with a great show. The red bus now parked outside Frankfurt in the town of RĂĽsselsheim by the venue, Das Rind. Having a blast on tour along with our friends in Scream Silence and Eyes Shut Tight.
Cya soon!


Early birds! This Monday morning start selling the Bye-Bye Borderline LP. Remember they are very limited. Only 100 white vinyl. 300 black vinyl.
So..true Mancers, get your copies asap!


In two weeks the Tortured Artist Tour kicks off in Vienna.
It might be the last one. We really don't know. However we will make our priorities a little different after this tour.
Too many obstacles and tasks in life is calling on us.
From this day on, Zeromancer will be more exclusive.

You shouldn't worry. We have more releases coming.
Though if you wanna catch Zeromancer on tour, now is the time!!!
No hesitation. Spread the word everyone!
Love you all. See you soon!

BBB- Still Number One

Celebrating the number one spot on the European Alternative Chart for the fourth week in a row.

Bye-Bye Borderline - Hello-Hello Russia

Our Russian fans are amongst our most dedicated. Now we are extremely happy to announce that we are back with IronD records and releasing Bye-Bye Borderline in Russia. Like with our other releases the cover will have another look. This time the negative of the original. White cross on black! More news to come regarding releasedate!

More news...